Hi all for the next while here on the blog I’ll be doing posts via my audioboo page. I’ll be busy for the next few days, and suspect I will be two tired to write when evening comes around, but audio posts will be no problem so I’ll do these for the next while. please […]

Hi everyone and anyone who reads this. Firstly, my apologies for not writing for the remainder of last week. all my days started to merge into one, and I started forgetting what day it was, and even what i had done/where I’d been. On wednesday we had our fundraising talk. It was about how we […]

Just 3 days from now, me and C will be going home. It’s hard to believe, scary but great! Today went well. This morning, we had a lovely walk along an estuary that flows into a harbour in Cork. The idea of this walk was to get a flavour of the dogs when they were […]

Hi everyone Firstly, I know I said I would write on Friday, and apologies that I didn’t. The last few days have been just hectic, but I’m back now for an update. On Thursday, we went out to a hotel that is very close to the centre. The dog’s social behaviour was excellent, and I […]

Good evening everyone. I’m tired this evening, so tonight’s entery will be only a short one. I got up at 7.15 AM this morning. I took C to the run as usual, then went for breakfast. I fed him, then took him to the run again a few minutes after this. To my delight, he […]

Hi there everyone. Sorry for not writing yesterday. I will do the 2 days in one update, and hopefully write every day after this one πŸ™‚ I got up just after 6 yesterday morning. I fed C about 25 to 7. This was of course after he’d already been out for his morning pee. there […]

hi all. Apologies for not writing on Thursday, but all my time was taken up with a certain tall dark and handsome stranger, of the fluffy variety. πŸ™‚ C arrived a little after 12 on thursday afternoon. He was glad to be finished with his traveling I think, because even coming upstairs to the apartment […]